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Would you be interested in taking part in a clinical trial for the treatment of long-COVID symptoms with nutritional food supplements?

‘Nutritional immunology’, also known as immunonutrition, is a new and rapidly developing field of science examining the impact of foods and nutritional components on systemic immune function.

Evidence in a recent report has shown that combinations of key nutrients and plant bioactives could, at the right dosage, help facilitate recovery in some long-COVID patients.

Focused around the immunological functionality of key nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and plant bioactives, the report proposes a four-pronged approach to improving long-COVID symptoms.

RecoverUp® Immune Support 24h™ are nutritional food supplements which contain a combination of 33 various nutrients in the form of vitamins, minerals, plant bioactives and biomes, designed to address the four key areas outlined in the report.

Anecdotal evidence from a small feasibility study completed in January 2021, using these supplements, showed positive effects in “supporting the normal function of the immune system” in 5 of the 7 participants.

We are therefore now looking to carry out a larger clinical trial with volunteers who have been experiencing (self reported) long-COVID symptoms to measure over time whether these food supplements can help support the normal function of the immune system.

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